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Airport West Kitchens Splashbacks

Airport West Kitchen Splashbacks – Recently we booked in for a Kitchen splashback in Airport West.

The client wanted to try something different.

At A Arena Tiling we are happy to undergo any type of pattern, style.

If the client is happy with a design, we are happy to provide it.


We both agreed that a stepped subway pattern would look great.

The tiles were a 60by 180 tile, If you look closely it looks like a step.


We began spreading the glue on the wall, Starting with a full from the right hand side, With the next lines 1/3 off the last.

Completing the kitchen with ease.

We pulled all the tiled spaces out and cleaned all the tiles properly .


when it came to the grouting, the client and I decided to use a Gunmetal Grey Grout – which is a davco Grout. Davco grout

The grout as you can see from the finished photo matches the tiles and the joint.

Grouting of the tiles requires the grouter to use a applicator that pushes the grout into the joint.

Once all of the grout is applied into the joints and allowing the grout to dry a little.

We would then get a spongue and wash the joints on a slight 45 degree angle, this will make sure that you don’t pull any grout out because your using the spongue on an angle.

Because the grout is so dark. We had to wash the tiles several times,

the end result is a fantastic Airport West Kitchen Splashbacks.


See below of our photos of before and after.


Airport West Kitchen Splashback – Before

Airport West Kitchen splashback - before


  1. Airport West Kitchen Splashbacks – Completed


Airport West Kitchen Splashback - completed

For  more information give us a call on 87424446

We are here to give you your dream kitchen splashback


team at A Arena tiling

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