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Who we service too?

  • We welcome all Insurance company’s to undergo all repair works and redos in a professional manner, A Arena Tiling specialises in the insurance sector. 
  • We can provide all required documents including a police check, O H and S inductions,
  • We also welcome all residential clients to undergo all your required works. 
  • We welcome all bathroom renovation companies to undergo bathroom works, However A Arena Tiling doesn’t offer split services as waterproofing, screeding and tiling is a joint package, which is beneficial to each client as one trade services all works.



A Arena Tiling users all mapei waterproofing products for waterproofing.We service bathroom & ensuite waterproofing, laundry and other wet area waterproofing and balcony waterproofing.

A Arena Tiling is an accredited mapei waterproofing installer along with a qualified waterproofer through the tiling certificate Antonio conducted many years ago. 

All waterproofing works are done to meet Australian standards to ensure all building inspectors pass the works along with the product certificate provided at the end of works. 

Waterproofing products change from each task required as Antonio is well aware of which product needs to be used for each area and purpose.  

Floor screeding 

A Arena Tiling offers screeding services, to all shower bases, bathrooms, and balconies.A Arena Tiling is a qualified tiler and ensures correct falls are achieved to Australian standards to each area 

As stated above A Arena Tiling offers complete packages which include screed, waterproofing, tiling, grouting and caulking 

Alfresco Tiling

Tiling Services

A Arena Tiling offers services to kitchen and laundry splaahback redos, bathroom redos, Alfresco, porch and balcony redos, internal redo tiling. 

All tiling services are to meet Australian standards 

We also offer tiling service to maintenance sector. 

Self levelling

A Arena Tiling offers self levelling to areas which are thin to thick ( variant) 

Stone installation 

A Arena Tiling offers stone installation up to the size of 600x 600 regardless of what stone you’re intending to lay A Arena Tiling services this area.

Please note with stone the client is responsible to source information from the supplier to ensure manufacturing advice as stone is delicate and requires care. 

A Arena Tiling has the correct equipment to cut and to install the stone products.

Tile and Stone Sealing 

A Arena Tiling offers new install reseals only

Each product requires different types of sealers 


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